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What is Argentine Tango?
Argentine Tango is both a genre of music and dance invented at the turn of the century in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the product of a cultural melting pot during a time of great historic change, involving immigrants from South America, Italy, Germany, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The Tango has a rich tradition that spans over a century. Since the mid-eighties is has been enjoying a huge revival around the world.

Argentine Tango is a social dance which should not be confused with Ballroom Tango. In Argentine Tango, there is no basic step; the couple relies on an intense awareness of each other's movements and energy which allows them to move in unison to the music.  The ability to improvise a dance with another person and move together with such strong connection is a fascinating and addictive experience for many people. Learning Tango is forever challenging and it inspires a life-long passion for those who pursue it as a hobby or a profession. 

One of the joys of dancing Tango is the wonderful worldwide community of dancers. Since it is a social dance, it is not necessary to have a regular partner. You can travel around the world and have wonderful dances with people who you have never met before. Many cities have thriving Tango communities and opportunities to go dancing almost every night.  Tango clubs are proliferating at  universities as the younger generation catches on to the universal appeal of this dance.  At a typical Tango dance or "Milonga", you will see people of all ages, from all over the world dancing together. 

In Providence, the local tango community was founded by Ellen Mayer in 2000. Providence Tango is nationally known for it's beautiful studio and for creating talented and unique dancers. In addition to the dedicated local instructors, PT regularly invites some of the best Tango teachers from around the country and the world to provide students with many opportunities for learning. The famous monthly marathon Milongas attract the best social dancers on the East Coast.  

Do I need a partner?
No, you may come alone, with a partner, or with friends.

Can I dance only with my partner if I like?
Yes, however, for the purpose of learning well and rapidly, we strongly recommend that you change partners during the class.

Can I dance tango at weddings/other social dance events?
Nowadays, there are tango events happening with frequency in nearly every city in the world. Also, because tango is an improvised dance form, it is possible to dance it to many styles of music, both traditional and contemporary. While you may not hear traditional tango music at a wedding or social event, you will likely still be able to dance tango with a partner who also knows how to dance tango.

How is Argentine Tango different from Ballroom Tango?
The original Argentine Tango is a "street dance," in the same family as Swing/Lindy Hop or Salsa. It does not have a syllabus or a series of patterns to memorize and repeat. Partners improvise (invent their own steps) in order to express the music, rather than learning a routine. Once you learn tango movement and the skills of leading and following, you can dance with any tango dancer in the world, even if you have never met.

When can I start? Do I have to attend a complete series?
You can start any in any of our beginner classes. See schedule. You do not need to take a complete series, but we do suggest than you attend classes regularly in order to learn at a steady pace.

How long will it take to learn?
Everyone learns at their own pace, dependent on movement background, previous experience, and general health. A rough estimate is 3 months to become comfortable with the tango, and 6 months to become a confident tango dancer.

What if I miss a class?
It depends, if you sign up for a series and miss a class you can substitute a class from another series of the same level. If you get a 6 class card you can take any regularly scheduled tango class, at any time durring the 3 months following your purchase. For consistency of learning, we encourage you to attend every week, but we understand that some scheduling conflicts cannot be changed and so you may use the 6 classes whenever you like.

What shoes/clothes should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. Your shoes should also be comfortable and should fit your feet snugly. If you wish to purchase dance sneakers or tango shoes, ask one of the instructors in class.

What makes Providence Tango special?
Providence Tango was created not only to provide tango instruction, but to form a community of dancers who value creative expression, teamwork, and good fun! Our instructors are outstanding, and our monthly Marathon parties attract the best social dancers on the East Coast. We look forward to welcoming you to the studio.


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