Intermediate Classes

We have intermediate classes every Monday and Friday evening taught by Tilly and Adam. These classes are designed to refine your tango once you’re comfortable with the basics of leading and following. The level is geared towards anyone who has been in Continuing Basics for 3+ months, but classes can also be joined with instructor permission. Both classes are progressive, but you can start at any time (or drop in). We teach both Close Embrace style and Salon style.

Close Embrace: 8:15 – 9:30pm Monday

Close Embrace is the style of tango that developed in the crowded downtown milongas (dance parties) of Buenos Aires, where space was limited and where flashy moves were prohibited. This style can be learned relatively quickly, and is characterized by snuggly embraces and playful rhythmic elements. These classes will cycle through about 4 months of material, training dancers to be comfortable, confident dancers of this style.

Salon Style: 7:45-9pm Friday

Salon was commonly danced in the outer barrios of Buenos Aires, with different neighborhoods having distinctive styles. More space on the dance floor created more possibilities for different types of movement, and more complex figures became popular. It’s said that this style takes a lifetime to really master, but the elegance and sophistication of tango salon will keep you coming back for more! This class will progress over the year, focusing on the technical fundamentals necessary for this style and the classic moves that gives it its distinctive look and feel.

Pricing: $15 drop-in, class cards available