Answers to more frequently-asked questions

Q. Do I need a partner to dance Argentine Tango?

A. No! The point of going to milongas (tango dance parties) is to dance with different people. We typically dance three or four songs with one person, and then change partners. In our classes, we rotate partners frequently so that students become accustomed to dancing with different people. So both for learning and for social dancing, a partner is not required.

Q. How long does it take to learn to dance tango?

A. It depends. Several factors can speed your learning, like having prior experience with other dances or movement practices, coming to class and practica on a regular basis, and taking private lessons. Our beginner curriculum (Fundamentals A and B) lasts four months in total, at which point we hope you’ll feel comfortable attending social dances. Six months is probably sufficient time to learn the basics of tango and to feel confident dancing in close embrace. But tango is full of subtlety, and the learning process can continue indefinitely.

Q. What should I wear?

A. We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that you can move in. We begin many classes with foot stretches and strengthening exercises, so socks are useful in class. For social dancing, most people dress up a little, but the most important thing is still being able to move comfortably.

Q. Do I need special shoes?

A. Not really. You can start learning in shoes you already have, or socks. It’s best to wear shoes that allow you to pivot on the floor, such as those with leather soles. It’s also important that your shoes not come off while you’re dancing! So straps or shoelaces come in handy. As you spend more time dancing, you may be interested in investing in dedicated tango shoes. We have some of these at the studio, or they can be found various places online.

Q. What if I have a question you haven’t answered?

A. Visit our contact page and ask directly!