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Tilly Kimm

Position:Director, Head Instructor, Choreopgrapher, and DJ
Experience:10 Years of dancing, US Tango Champion
After Tilly Kimm finished her PhD in Neuroscience from Harvard she started teaching Tango full time. She has since traveled the world teaching, traveled to Buenos Aires many times, and won the U.S. Tango Championship. Tilly has been a dancer and musician her whole life. She grew up in the classical world, training as a ballet dancer and working as a chorister before branching out into musical theater, where she first encountered tango as a choreographer’s assistant. She approaches dance as a physical manifestation of music, and she views tango as a particularly expressive medium for communicating ideas and feelings not well-captured by language. Tilly is also a pianist, and transcribes, arranges, and performs live tango music with Boston-based Orquesta Sin Trabajo. She recently finished her Ph.D. in Neurobiology at Harvard University. In tango as in science, she encourages students to take joy in the process of discovery and experimentation. In 2016 she and Adam took over as the new owners of Providence Tango in Pawtucket Rhode Island.